Investments in real estate of Bakuriani

Bakuriani is an old ski-resort in Georgia. It is located in the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, and is surrounded by meadows and dense pine forests. Investments in real estate of Bakuriani doesn’t mean only the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful places of Georgia but also get asset the price of which will only increase.

Why to invest in Bakuriani?

Buying a house in Bakuriani is profitable not only because of great location of a ski-resort but due to plenty of benefits that an investor can get.

  • Getting permanent residency in Bakuriani

    Buying a flat in a new development, apartments or commercial space for price starting from $35,000 gives a foreign citizen the right to apply for permanent residency in Georgia.

  • Quick payback

    By purchasing a house in Bakuriani, an investor can count on an income of 10-15% per annum from rent or up to 40% profit from sale 3-4 years after buying it.

  • Low prices

    The cost of apartment in Bakuriani is lower than large resort cities, but it constantly increases due to development of infrastructure. As a result, purchasing real estate is very profitable now.

  • Great business climate

    Resort area of Bakuriani is focused on investments, so it gives simple conditions of closer, minimal formalities and absence of corruption to private investors and business.

  • Reliable and safe

    A foreign investor can purchase real estate in Bakuriani on the conditions of estate in fee simple and get the same rights as the residents of Georgia.

  • Remote deal

    The legislation of Georgia permits putting the real estate through a deal remotely, directly with owners or developer without agents.

  • Low taxes

    Tax on real estate is not taken from natural person who is not registered as taxpayer in Georgia.

  • Excellent infrastructure

    Bakuriani has a lot of ski slopes and resort real estate, as well as shops, restaurants, bars and hotels.

  • Obtaining a residence permit in Georgia

    Buying real estate at a price of 35,000 US dollars entitles a foreign citizen to a residence permit in the country. In the near future, the Georgian parliament plans to revise the size of investments in order to be able to apply for a residence permit, so those wishing to invest money with the right of permanent residence in the country should hurry up.

  • Fast payback

    When purchasing an apartment or commercial real estate, an investor can calculate an income of 10-15% per annum from rent if the square meters are located in the center of a large city.

  • Why to invest in REDCO?

    Why to invest in REDCO?

  • Good business climate

    Georgia is in the top 50 countries with a low level of corruption perception, and the country's government regularly implements reforms aimed at liberalizing the economy and reducing bureaucratic procedures for business.

How to invest in housing

Investments in Bakuriani can be divided to several stages:

  • Choice of suitable real estate. This may be a flat, apartments, commercial space for shop, restaurant or running a business.
  • Checking legal purity. It includes checkup of the legality construction of an object, verification of the purchase and sale agreement, the availability of a developer’s license.
  • Concluding a treaty. All contracts on purchasing of housing are concluded in Public Service Hall which guarantees the legitimacy of a deal and protects the investor’s interests
  • Payment. It can be done in cash, via a local Georgian bank in lari, or bank remittance in U.S.dollars, euros or any other currency.
  • Acceptance by transfer act. There is no obligatory registration of an agreement in Georgia, but for it to be enforced, the property must be accepted by the buyer at transfer act signed by both sides.

Investing money in housing in Bakuriani can be profitable for private investors and for business because this region only starts to develop and the price of square kilometers here will confidently grow.

Pitfalls while investing in real estate of Bakuriani

There are always some nuances and pitfalls while investing in housing that an investor may discover during concluding a treaty. Among them such situations are:

  • Safe and secure

    reducing the touristic flow and a result, decreasing housing profitability;

  • Remote transaction

    shifting of the exchange rate, that is important for people who purchased real estate in the mortgage;

  • Low taxes

    missed delivery of the facility with a delay in commissioning, which means financial loss;

  • Excellent infrastructure

    problems of the developer related to documents for land for construction, debt, or other factors.

The development company Redco offers investing in Bakuriani and purchase real estate inexpensively from own catalogue without agents at a beneficial cost with the opportunity to conclude a treaty remotely.

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  • How to earn money from real estate in Georgia

    You can give a real estate in rent at 10-15% per annum or resell it in 3-5 years, earning up to 140% from its primary cost.

  • What is the tax for real estate in Georgia

    There is no tax for real estate for foreigners who are not registered as taxpayers

  • How to get permanent residency

    All ways of getting permanent residency are mentioned in the Law “Legal the situation of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Georgia ".

  • How can a foreigner invest?

    It is better to conclude a treaty via the agent or directly via a development to avoid possible numerous intermediaries.